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Salt Lake City Engagement Session

November 12, 2019

Downtown Salt Lake City Engagement Session with Ballroom Dancers


‘All I ever needed was the music and one dance with you.’ When I saw this saying, I knew it was time to add Yana and Moises’ Salt Lake City engagement session to the blog. This quote feels exactly like the beginning of their love story and describes it perfectly. Because when music and passion for dance get two people together, true love and great photos follow

The vision behind Yana and Moises’s Salt Lake City engagement photoshoot was their shared passion for salsa dance. From there we followed the idea of doing an engagement photoshoot at the Utah State Capitol and at the top of a parking structure in downtown Salt Lake. While they were in their salsa mood, with the mountains and buildings behind them, I got the perfect chance to capture some of my all-time favorite engagement photos. 

Yana and Moises’s Love Story

So how did this all start?

Yana: “It all started at the studio where I worked. One day Moises came into to try out for a team. At that time I was looking for a dance partner, but I had a hard time finding the best one for me. After I saw Moises perform I took a chance and asked him if he’d be interested in working on some additional choreography with me. From our first spin together, something clicked, and we’ve been together ever since.”

Tell us your proposal story?

Yana: “We were in Mexico visiting Moises’ family and we were wandering the beautiful streets of San Miguel when I thought Moises was acting oddly. He was stopping a lot, picking me up more than usual and kept staring off somewhere. He had told me this was his favorite city, so I shrugged it off to that. But when we took a detour before dinner on the roof of the hotel, I started to wonder if something was up.

We went down into the art gallery, and in the middle, there was a desk with a bushel of red roses and a laptop. He sat me down and hit play, and a song that we are really in love with came on, and the screen started to flash with photos of us from the beginning of our dating story. As the slideshow continued, I started to recognize photos from earlier in the day as we were wandering around San Miguel. It turns out, Moises actually had hired a photographer to follow us around and secretly capture photos of us.

Soon after the photos, he asked me to dance. It was such a lovely time for us. And in the last moment, he spun me around, and as I came back to face him, he was on one knee with the ring (a classic from Tiffany & Co.). And the rest is history…”

Yana & Moises’ Salt Lake City Engagement Photoshoot

Take a look at their Salt Lake City engagement photoshoot and let me know which location you prefer–the Utah State Capitol or at the top of the parking garage in downtown Salt Lake. Either way, it was such an epic engagement session.

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