Why you should hire a Professional Wedding Photographer

The first thing you plan after you get engaged and decide on the wedding date is finding the reception and ceremony venue. Usually, the next thing you search for is the right wedding photographer. There are a lot of things you consider in finding your wedding photographer like your budget, preferences, style, etc., and here you can find awesome tips and tricks from my past brides on how to choose your wedding photographer. It’s not just about hiring a wedding photographer it’s about finding a great one who will give their best to make your wedding day experience a beautiful forever memory. Here are 9 specific reasons why you should hire a professional wedding photographer.

Reasons on Why You Should Hire a Professional Wedding Photographer

#1 Wedding Album

The first reason that comes to mind of why you should hire a professional wedding photographer is your wedding photo book. That album will hold the moments that you will cherish forever. Do you know how much fun it is when my little girl asks me (at least once a month) to look back at my wedding day album or video?

Professional photographers will often have superior options for crafting treasured keepsakes for your albums. These albums will be much higher quality than what you could do yourself on Shutterfly or similar software. If you want to know more about creating a treasured heirloom from your wedding day, hop over here and find the must-have photos you need to include in the wedding book.

#2 Capture the finest moments

As an experienced professional, I know how to quickly capture moments, which is an absolutely necessary part of the full wedding photography experience. Moments like putting on the dress while getting ready, exchanging gifts with your other half, walking down the aisle, husband’s reactions seeing his bride for the first time… and you wouldn’t even know that I got that on camera.

Wedding professionals know what’s going to happen before it does, and so they are in the right place at the right time to capture all of the most important moments.

#3 Invest in your wedding photography

It is the number one regret I hear from couples who went cheap on their wedding photographer. They all wish they would have invested more. You are probably asking  – why? A picture is a picture, what can you add more? The effects your photographer can bring to your photos, the quality of it, the editing style… everything counts and can make your wedding day look like straight from the most famous magazine. You don’t just want any photographer; you want someone you know will represent the way you felt on that day – beautiful!!

#4 Feel comfortable in front of the camera

Great wedding professionals know how to make my couples feel relaxed in the presence of the camera capturing their raw emotion between them. Every bride wants to have photos feeling pretty and confident in her wedding dress, but what if your face expresses something else? If you don’t have a photographer that makes you feel at ease, your expression may be one of discomfort or anxiety. That is why I always tell my brides to pretend like I am their best friend taking photos before your night out and let your cheerfully smile to the rest. 😉

#5 Location expertise

One great rule I’ve learned over the years as a professional wedding photographer is how to use the locations I am photographing in. Bringing even the tiny little details from the venue to the photos can take your wedding story to a whole other level. A professional wedding photographer can find so many photogenic spots in any location. Remember that! Great wedding photographers know all the best places, but they can make any location look amazing.

#6 Vendor Recommendations

As I brought up earlier, the second thing you look for after you book the venue is the wedding photographer. That means I can support you with all of your other vendors because I have great knowledge of the wedding industry and some awesome vendor recommendations.

#7 Help you with the Wedding Timeline 

Wedding timelines are the key to your perfect wedding day.  I would love to help you with building up your timeline, especially the photography part–which photos to take at what time and how to catch the perfect sunset. I even came up with an example timeline that you can use on your wedding day. Click here to go straight to the free printable timeline.

#8 The best photography equipment

The changes that photography has experienced in the last 10 years are incredible. But you still don’t see professionals shooting weddings on an iPhone. That’s because the product matters. The best wedding photographers will be using the absolute best equipment.  Another reason why you should hire a professional wedding photographer is that they for sure have a top of the line equipment and knowledge on how to use them to get the best pictures of your special day.

#9 Creative mind

Creativity is the one thing that lets us tell the story in a perfect way. As a professional photographer, I have my degree in photography and will not only capture the love you feel on your wedding day but do it by creating art that you will treasure forever. I don’t think being a wedding photographer is just about “capturing the moments”. Even though that’s one of the things I mentioned here, what you’re really looking for as a bride is someone who enhances every moment. That creative artistic soul can bring out the best of you.


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