HONEYMOON! Did someone mention honeymoon? After all the stress of the wedding, we can finally just relax and enjoy each other’s company!  You are probably asking – why am I so excited about this? It’s because you get to travel the world with your favorite person on the whole planet – your newlywed husband/wife. As much as it sounds great, sometimes we feel like every honeymoon should be the same as the ones in every romantic or chick-flick movie. But, let me tell you, in reality, it’s generally not as perfect as it looks. Yes, you can make it wonderful and adventurous but first you have to do a little planning and set some budget rules (very important!).

After one stressful year of planning your wedding day, this is your time to relax, explore, and enjoy your new life as husband and wife. And what better place to start that new chapter of your life than on your honeymoon, right? Just don’t rely on every expectation you heard before leaving on your adventurous trip, make it your own honeymoon, and you will have the best time of your life.

To make this love trip a success for both of you, I’ve put my TOP 5 tips for easy-planning a honeymoon. 

#1 Choose a destination that you would both like to visit

The first and the very important part of planning the honeymoon is choosing a destination/location that you both enjoy and prefer to see! Talk to each other about what you want to explore and visit, it’s a decision not to be taken lightly. Write your top 5 best destinations and narrow down the many options to find your perfect destination. Who knows, maybe you’ll end up writing the same one. 

#2 Make the date and time work best for both

There isn’t a strict rule that you have to leave for your honeymoon immediately after the wedding reception is over. Do what’s best for both of you and your work schedules. You don’t want to be taking calls, replying to emails while your loved one is waiting for you to explore together. Honeymoon is all about being together and enjoying it to the maximum. If that happens to be immediately following the wedding, great. But if you have to adjust the schedule slightly, that’s fine too.

#3 Set your budget and book hotels in time

I am aware that a lot of you don’t one to talk about this part – setting up your budget. It’s hard to fit everything you want to visit or see in a budget. A tip I want to share with you about saving a little of your budget is by reserving your hotel or house at least three months before the date of the trip. A lot of hotels are way cheaper if you book them earlier. You can check on Booking or Airbnb. Plus, if you find a coupon code, that would be great. (I wish I had one for you.)

Besides hotels, book the little trips, museums or landmarks you want to visit before leaving for your trip. But before you do that, search a little bit on the internet and see if they truly are worth your time and money.

#4 Mix it up

Plan simple small things to do every day but take time to relax after all the craziness. The success of your honeymoon is found in the balance. Don’t overbook yourselves! Keep in mind that you don’t have to do it or see it all –do not exhaust yourselves. That being said, keep your expectations for how much you can see in so little time, but keeping a balance between exploring and having time to relax together. It’s not supposed to be ‘just’ your honeymoon, but mini-vacation too.

#5 Put the phone away!

No more social media, no more phone calls (except emergency ones, but let’s not think about that now), except for photos! 😛 Everyone knows you are on your honeymoon, so they know not to bother you. Breathe, be in the moment and enjoy everything around you!


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