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Engagement Locations in UTAH Valley and Salt Lake Valley

September 21, 2019

Mountain Background Engagment Session


Reading this blog post? That means it is likely that you recently said “Yes”! Now it’s time to focus on the engagement session. You already chose the photographer, picked the dress you like the most, but what about the location? There are so many great spots and locations to choose around Utah Valley and Salt Lake Valley. I always want to give the best advice to newly engaged couples, so to make it easier for you, I showcased my favorite spots to shoot engagement photos.

Before we continue with the engagement locations, I wanted to let you know that your engagement session should be perfect for you both. Number one tip – never try to mimic another engagement session, because the couple you saw on those photos isn’t you. Everyone has a beautiful story, different memories, and preferences. That being said, each couple is uniquely different and therefore should have unique photos to them. The engagement locations I am sharing with you today are just some ideas to get you thinking about what style of location you like the best. Let me know at the end which one was a great inspiration to you.

TOP 5 Engagement Session Locations

1. Little Sahara Recreation Area – Desert Inspired Photoshoot

If you want your engagement session to have a sand/desert vibe, then Little Sahara Recreation Area is the right place for you. We commonly know this area as Jericho Sand Dunes – a sandy reminder of Lake Bonneville. A plentiful sand source and strong prevailing winds have combined to create Little Sahara, one of the largest dunes fields found in Utah. My favorite thing about this location is the glorious big tree where you can create some impressive photos and experiment with the shadows. Plus, you can always use the sand from Little Sahara as a prop to the photoshoot. 

2. The Great Salt Lake – Water Backdrop Engagement Session

I adore this place! If you wish to have an eye-catching vacation-looking “save the dates” you can always choose The Great Salt Lake. I enjoy using the boats and the water to emphasize my couple, in a way that I can tell a story about the couple and show their awesome personality. You can always come up with something beautiful when you are around the water, right? But let’s talk about those reflections.

3. Utah State Capitol & Parking Garages in Downtown SLC – Iconic City Landmark and City Backdrop

The combination of one of Utah’s most prominent landmarks and downtown SLC is a great way to bring historical and city vibes to your photoshoot. The architecture of the Capitol is unique and gives you an opportunity to capture different photos in so many places. One of my most preferred spots are the stairs in the front.

The parking garages in Salt Lake are a nice location to take gorgeous photos just after sunset and offer a beautiful change of pace to the Capitol. The lights of the streets and the city buildings give a nice tone and personality to the pictures. The nice thing about the parking garages is that you can get some elevation and feel like you are up in the clouds or have an awesome view of the city. 

4. Main Street Downtown Park City – Street Style Vibe Engagement Photoshoot

Recently, I did a little engagement session research on my social media and most of you voted for a city-style location. And I totally get why. The downtown city happens to be my number one too. The urban shops, the long streets, the colors of the buildings–every single one of these interesting details can level up your engagement photos in so many ways. You can always wait until nighttime because the starry sky and pretty lights always give a pop into your nighttime photos. Just like a fairytale, but with a moody twist. Park City is the perfect blend of Utah’s beautiful natural landscape and distinct culture.

5. Provo Canyon – Nature Walk Engagement Photoshoot

The last location I want to showcase is all about bringing nature into the photos. It’s definitely for the couples who enjoy spending time outdoors together, walking by the marvelous forest while hearing the birds chirping. The Provo Canyon is well known and a common spot for engagements. There are so many great spots around Sundance, and squaw peak, also in the various parks that line the Canyon. It provides a never-ending places for photo options. 

All being said, there are a lot of locations that are my favorite I haven’t shot yet. So, why not explore them together and come up with a super unique session to you? Let me know if you are up to!

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