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5 Steps for an Amazing Wedding Invite Experience

October 1, 2019

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When planning a wedding, brides have a long to-do list of items they need to figure out such as finding a venue, figuring out what color scheme they like, picking out a cake their style, ordering invitations, and let’s not forget about the perfect wedding dress! The list goes on and on and can be overwhelming…but it doesn’t have to be if you’re prepared before you make your decisions. This is why I have reached out to one of my preferred wedding vendors, Pro Digital Photos, to get some tips on how to start your wedding invitation process and have it be completely stress free! Here is their five-step guide.

Tip #1 – Hire a Professional Photographer

When deciding who will photograph your bridal, engagement and wedding day photos, make sure you choose a professional photographer that has experience. Some brides think they can just have their friend, neighbor or family member take their photos, but the difference will most likely be a look that doesn’t have good posing, color or quality output. If you plan to use photos in your wedding invitations, professional images always look the best and will make your invitation design look even more amazing.

Tip #2 – Get Your High-Resolution Photo Files

If you choose to use photos in your wedding invitation design, make sure you get the high-resolution photos from your photographer. This will ensure that the images are the best print quality when printed.  Using low-resolution photos will result in pixelated photos that look blurry and unprofessional. When you use a professional photo lab, often you won’t have issues with color correction. But budget options will often make changes to your photo colors, so if you see an option about color correction, turn it OFF!

Tip #3 – Get Your Invitations Early

When starting the process of ordering your wedding invitations, make sure to plan ahead and order a few weeks before you want to mail them out.  Although some photo printing solutions only take a 1 week turn-around time from starting your custom designs to having them printed and ready for pick-up or to ship out to you, it’s always good to give yourself about 3 weeks to work on the invitation process.  By giving yourself this time, you won’t feel rushed in this process and you’ll remain stress-free!

Tip #4 – Pick a Style

Once you get engaged and you start browsing Pinterest for all those wedding ideas you are so excited to be searching, make sure to start searching for wedding invitation styles you like.  Pin and save pictures of the styles, fonts, colors, and layouts you like.  This will help you know what kind of invitation you will order when the time comes to get started.  Pro Digital Photos offers so many styles and variations for wedding invitations and they even custom design them for each bride to make sure they get the style and vision they are wanting. Not sure where to start? Adding a keyword to “wedding invitations” in Pinterest can help whittle it down. Some to consider would be “modern”, “sleek”, “vintage”, “simple”, “classic” etc.

Tip #5 – Have Fun!

Planning a wedding should be fun, so take a breath and remember that this is your special day. Creating your wedding invitations can be exactly the vision you want and it’s actually quite easy and affordable if you find the right vendors to work with. The right team will execute your vision and help you create invitations you can be proud of. Planning your wedding won’t be nearly as stressful if you have the right team around you.

Special thanks to Pro Digital Photos for their thoughts on this. They offer custom-designed invitations of all styles to brides and do it in a way that removes stress and is fun! Not only that, they are a great option for printing your priceless wedding photos, whether it be canvas, metal, albums and more. Check them out!

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    I love the zion invites. Where can i order them online?

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