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Bridesmaids Dresses: 5 Tips on How to Choose the Right One

August 31, 2019

Grey Bridesmaid Dresses


Hey bride-to-be, you found your perfect dress! Congratulations, you can check off that ‘impossible’ task from your wedding planning list! Great, now let’s hope on to the next one. Bridesmaids’ dresses it is? I can perfectly imagine your excited face, but in your head, you are like – is this going to be easy? Hopefully less stressful than finding my dress? There is nothing to worry about–I got you! Believe me when I say that one of the most exciting parts of the planning process, for you and your ladies, will be choosing their dresses.

I realize it’s a tough decision to make; It was for me too. That said, you don’t want to draw attention away from your wedding dress by having poorly coordinated bridesmaid’s dresses. Instead of going through the process alone, why not call your girls and make a ‘choose the best dress’ date out of it? Tell me one thing from the wedding planning list that is more exciting than spending the day with your best friends while sipping something good and looking for dresses. Of course, you’ll bring chocolate too. 🙂

Let’s be real, there will be some difficulties, different opinions, and a lot of work, yet when the day comes everything will be perfect. The most important thing is to listen to yourself and go with your vision. It’s your special day; you get to make the final decision.

bridesmaids dresses

Here are my TOP 5 tips for choosing the right bridesmaids’ dresses.

#1 Think about your dress and overall wedding style

The bridesmaid dresses should match the vibe of your own wedding gown. The reason this is my number one tip is that it truly is an important step to start with. Imagine all of you standing near each other at the ceremony and posing for photos together, but still realizing something is off because you ended up wearing a bohemian style dress and your bridesmaids a classic ballroom dresses. Totally not feeling the style vibe, right? Make sure the bridesmaid dresses complement your wedding dress style well.

fun bridesmaids

#2 Pick the color

After you established the vibe of the dresses, next is choosing the color. If you previously have set the color theme for your wedding, picking the color for the dresses can be a simple task. Take into consideration your bridesmaids’ complexions, hair colors and skin tones. In case you can’t pick a specific color from the palette that is flattering for everyone, a better option would be to pull at least one base color and allow them to experiment with the color shades on their own. However, if you really want some similarity between the overall look, what you can do is pick the style but in different color shades. Mismatched dresses are a huge trend right now. And everyone loves them! Including ME!

tips for bridesmaids dresses
flowers and bridesmaids

#3 Consider their body type and style

Keep in mind that every one of your girls has a different body type and their own style. It’s impossible to fulfill everyone’s preferences, but it’s important to choose dresses they feel comfortable in. If you really want to go with one style, be careful, a lot of opinions will come your way. Another option is to give them an overall idea of what you imagined and challenge them to pick their own dresses. Each bridesmaid can showcase her own style and a touch of her personality.

You already set the color, now it’s time to be supportive and watch your girls be creative turning their vision into a dream look. As I mentioned in the previous step, mismatched color dresses are a big trend these days, and mismatched style dresses are in too.

mismatched wedding dress
mismatched dresses

#4 Consider their budget

Ask yourself this question ‘would I pay that much for a dress I probably won’t wear again?’ and you will have the answer to your budget problems. The key is keeping the balance between the dress style and color with the bridesmaids’ budget. Assuming you already picked the dress and you decide to go with expensive material then change the style to be simpler, or if you want the look to be richer, then go for a good material but at a cheaper price. Plus, there are plenty of rentals shops that offer awesome discounts. If you choose to give your bridesmaids the freedom to design their own dresses, you don’t have to worry about them wearing the dress again or whether it cost a fortune. After all, they get to choose their dresses. 

floral dress
light blue bridesmaid dress

#5 Include their opinions in the final decision

Above all else, make sure you take the time to have fun with your girls. You don’t want unhappy bridesmaids, so it wouldn’t hurt if you ask for their opinions.  It’s important for you to know their preferences, and it’s important for them to understand that their dress style is a part of your overall wedding vision. 

white roses bouquets
maroon dress

Congratulations again! You said YES to the bridesmaid dress. Now you can check off yet another ‘impossible’ task from your wedding planning list! Let me know in the comments if these 5 tips helped you to make the dress decision easier. And if you use your own tricks, you are more than welcome to share them with all of us. I will definitely recommend them to my future brides.

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