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7 MUST-HAVE Photos for your Wedding Album

August 24, 2019

Bridesmaids and Bride throwing Confetti in the air


Once the wedding day is over, all that you’re left with is your happy memories and your wedding photos. If you are still deciding between leaving the photos locked on your computer or creating a wedding album to pass down the memories to future generations, then you will find this blog interesting. In case you aren’t familiar with the term wedding photo book, here is a little note for you – that is a delightful book where you get to show off your wedding pictures compiled in a lovely story. Simple, right? Sure, but the actual problem is how on earth are you going to choose your favorites from the thousand plus photos that you have?

Let your photos do the talking!

To make it straightforward, know that every photo book has to tell a story – a wedding story from the beginning until the end. It’s not about sticking every photo ever taken in a book; It’s about telling a marvelous story. As a professional wedding photographer, I always create several folders for each mini-event of my couples’ wedding—or in other words, every photo group represents its own part of the wedding. Most of the couples trust me to make the best decision and ask me to create a favorites folder for them. I tend to pick both horizontal and vertical versions, and shots in color and in black & white; It works better with the layout of the album.  So, why not ask your photographer to do the same for you? It will help you in so many ways, but number one, you will have a precise notice of the period (mini-event) the photos were taken and secondly the process to choose shots for the wedding album will be simpler.

If you are struggling and want to make it easier on yourself, let me guide you through the process. Here is a list with 7 MUST-HAVE shots you need to include in your wedding album.


Details, details, details…. It’s all in the details. I prefer when my couples start with the details shots in their album because it introduces the style of the wedding right away. From the invitation, to the shoes, to the dress to the wedding rings, these are all special items that you chose for a reason. All the little details that represent your wedding you want to include in here.

wedding album photo
Beassan & Al Wedding
wedding details


Getting ready – the start of your special day. For this one, you want to split the pages and do two parts – one for ‘HER’ and one for ‘HIS’. In the first part, you want to insert photos of the bride getting her hair and makeup done, putting on the dress with her mom, having a toast with her bridesmaids, and first look with her father are all special moments that your wedding photographer should capture on your wedding day.

bride getting ready
bride and dad and mom

For the ‘HIS’ part of the book, I like to cover the shots where the groom is getting all dressed up together with his closest friends, showing the excitement.

groom getting ready
boys getting ready for wedding

Likewise, if you exchanged gifts before the wedding include that, too.

wedding album bride
groom gift


Oh… these are one of my favorite moments. Bride and groom portraits are must-have for every photo album. They make everything look more personal and intimate. Don’t forget to include spontaneous moments, and not only where you pose. If you optioned to do the ‘first look’, let me tell you, you’ve made the right choice. And definitely, you need to embrace those photos too. Because the emotions and excitement you felt in that exact moment never go away–you can tell it from the photos.

wedding album portraits
bride and groom
bride and groom portraits
bride and groom photos


These are entertaining to look back on. Great times of you and your partner, with your closest friends and family! Include the candid moments, especially if you did one of those ‘crazy’ shots with your bridesmaids and groomsmen together.

bridesmaids and bouquets

When you come to the part where you need to choose family formals, remember to make space for both sides of the family. It’ll be great to have pictures of them all dressed up for the big day. One day, it will be so interesting to look back on when you get to share the photos with your kids.

family photos
church family photo wedding


It’s important to get images from this special part of the day – the ceremony. That is where you got to say the ‘I DO’. I suggest adding the following moments to this part of the album: the groom waiting for his future wife, the bride walking down the aisle, exchanging rings and vows, the first kiss as husband and wife, and the recessional as you walk down the aisle as husband and wife.

wedding ceremony
flower girl and ring bearer
church wedding ceremony
bride and groom kiss


The reception party is your first party as husband and wife! Cherish these moments in your photo book by picking pictures from your first dance, father-daughter & mother-son dance. Dedicate a page for the toasts and the cake cutting.

first dance
wedding album toasts
cake cutting

And there has to be photos of you dancing and enjoying the best night of your life with your closest friends and family.

girls dancing
guest dance

Now it’s time for more details, incorporate a full-room shot of the reception setting and close-ups of the wedding décor—like flowers, centerpieces, head table, cake and so forth.

head table
wedding decorations


There isn’t a rule that every wedding has to have every one of these elements. This wedding didn’t have a send-off, but I asked my couple to pick their favorite wedding day picture they absolutely love and let me create a wonderful heirloom they will cherish as part of the family for years to come.


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