TOP 5 Color Palettes from Real Weddings

Newly engaged and planning a wedding? Do you struggle to select the perfect wedding color palettes? If your answer is yes, good news, you clicked on the right place. Colors are one of the first things you work out, and we all know they are the right thing to kick planning with. Without hesitation, colors set the tone for your entire event!

That being said, today’s inspiration comes directly from my couples’ weddings. And the best way to tell if a wedding color palette truly works is from real weddings. In this blog, I unveil my top favorite color combinations that go with every season all year round. As a wedding photographer, I have to admit; I enjoy challenging color schemes. My passion and creativity for capturing impressive color details help me set the tone and mood for my couples’ photo album. That’s why I always recommend having at least three colors.

Choosing one color to start with can be a difficult decision–but it can elevate everything about a wedding. Focusing on color theory can be a little overwhelming, so I wouldn’t worry too much about it. Been there, done that. Yet, being able to draw inspiration from somewhere, is so comforting. You’ve seen it work somewhere else!!  If you don’t have a particular color theme in mind, start with one element of your wedding, whether it is your venue, season or bridesmaid’s dress color, and take it from there. Of course, you don’t have to follow any rules for your color scheme. In the end, the most important point is that you go with what your heart loves, preferences, and what suits your personality the best. Now let’s get you inspired by these top 5 wedding color palettes.

Remember! Don’t stress and let your creativity do the rest! I would love to see YOUR favorite so keep scrolling and pin the color palettes you like the most on Pinterest.

Color Palettes Inspired by Real Weddings

#1 Rustic Red & Orange Spices

color palettes orange and red

Let’s lead with a color combination of red and orange spices presented in a rustic way. Both colors go admirably with pink magenta, blush, and olive green. It’s like they were meant to be together side by side. Red indicates many things – being in love, having strong emotions, and passion. I associate orange with joy and creativity, and fun fact – it is a mixture of the energy associated with red and the happiness associated with yellow.

#2 Dark Emerald Green and Rose Quartz

color palettes green and rose

A great way to incorporate light to your dramatic emerald green wedding is adding touches of rose quartz. I love how the contrast between these two flawlessly matches the white bridal jumpsuit.

#3 Classic Burgundy & Dusty Blue

wedding color palettes

You have probably pinned this color combo all over your Pinterest boards, but believe me when I say – burgundy never goes out of style, it’s here to stay. But, here is a twist. Instead of pairing it with navy blue or gold, why not try dusty blue?

#4 Earth Tones and Dark Navy Blue

color palettes dark navy

The color combo of earth tones and dark navy blue is an ideal palette suitable for any season and theme. If you want to bring natural and calm vibes to your wedding then this is the perfect theme for you.

#5 Shades of Lavender & Lilac

lavender theme

Lilac and lavender are the most common shades of purple. I really enjoy the look of it and love when my brides option for this wedding theme.


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