10 Places to Get Your Chocolate Fix!

If you are reading this blog post, you probably love chocolate as much as I do. I hope that you find some new places and have some new chocolate experiences. Here is a list of my top 10 locations in Utah to get your chocolate fix.

Thank you See’s Chocolate for this eye candy.

1. Taste – Provo

I can’t say enough good things about this place, they are located in Downtown Provo. Not only does it have a super cute atmosphere but this place has awesome chocolate. But I absolutely love their chocolate fondue. My husband and I went to have a pot of their chocolate fondue after dinner and we unfortunately didn’t finish it, didn’t get anywhere close. Come hungry, light dinner, and get ready to swim in some decadent chocolate.

2. Last Course – Orem, Draper, Salt Lake (opening Lehi location soon)

Now I have been to Last Course a couple of times now, they have multiple locations up and down the I-15 in Utah. The clever name got me and I just had to try this place. It always is hopping everytime I go. For my chocolate lovers out there they have some pretty chocolaty chocolate desserts. The Chocolate Brownie Bomb is a chocolate brownie base with white chocolate mousse, milk chocolate custard covered in a chocolate ganache. Talk about death by chocolate, what a good way to die. They also have a chocolate lava cake… yep, I think I have found heaven. If you like coconut you might like the German Chocolate cake that they serve. This fun dessert is interactive. You pour a hot caramel sauce on a chocolate sphere to expose the german chocolate cake. My husband informed me (who has been to Germany) that German cake is nothing like the German cake we have in America, it was actually invented by a guy name Sam German and is totally an American cake. Fun fact!

UPDATE 1/2021: Last Course has unfortunately closed since Covid! Let me know if there is somewhere better I should add to the list!

3. The Chocolate – Orem & West Jordan

For the people who don’t love death by chocolate. The Chocolate, a cute little renovated house in Orem has a Cazookie. A Cazookie for those who do not know of this goodness is a chocolate chip cookie served in ramekin. It comes hot from their oven and served with some vanilla ice cream on top. The perfect chocolate chip cookie in a dish.

4. Sees – Orem, Draper, Midvale, Salt Lake

I have fond memories going to Sees chocolate as a child and trying the samples and getting to pick a chocolate or two. I am a sucker for anything chocolate and carmel, so you will always find a dark chocolate covered caramel in my box of handpicked chocolates from See’s Chocolate.

5. Caputo’s – Downtown Salt Lake City

Artisan chocolate bars make a perfect gift and at Caputo’s you can pick up some amazing gifts. Even if you aren’t local they ship, so no excuses to get some good chocolate.

6. Gourmandise – Downtown Salt Lake City

Has an assortment of pastries and cake options as well as hot chocolate. I haven’t actually tried this cake but the one that I will be trying next is called the Porcupine. I am a sucker for chocolate and raspberry together to this is MY cake! It is a chocolate cake with raspberry jam a custard and top it all off with a chocolate butter cream and almonds. Who else wants to try this deliciousness.

7. Magleby’s – Provo, Lindon

Speaking of cake, if you haven’t had Magleby’s chocolate cake, I feel like you can’t call yourself a true Utan. This chocolate cake is divine and you will need to sit down because your eyes will close as you savor every bite of this cake. If you haven’t tried this cake, you should!

8. Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory – Lots of Locations

You will often find me picking up gifts for my brides here because they have cute little boxes of milk and dark chocolate caramels. I don’t think you can go wrong with caramels. But if you are looking for something sugar free, look no further. Rocky Mountain chocolate factory has some awesome sugar free options, and they are delicious. Sugar lovers? They have some divine fudge there as well.

9. Godiva – Fashion Place Mall in Murray

If you ask me my favorite food, without a doubt it is chocolate covered strawberries, and what better place to get chocolate covered strawberries then Godiva. You put my love of strawberries with my other love chocolate. Now we are speaking my language. Ask to sign up for their rewards program, best rewards program ever! You get a free monthly chocolate of your choosing. How freaking awesome is that! Like See’s they also have lots of great truffle options as well and a personal go to for me is the dark chocolate raspberry truffle. You can’t go wrong here.

10. Ritual Chocolate – Park City

Park City goers. You thought I forgot about you. Heck no! Ritual chocolate is known for their hot chocolate. Since we have had so much snow in Utah this year, hot chocolate is such an awesome way to warm up not only your body but your soul who longs for summer weather.

Diamonds and Chocolates… now we are talking!

One of the most famous female actresses once said “diamonds are a girl’s best friend” but I am going to have to disagree and say that chocolate is the way to a woman’s heart or at least mine.

Share your favorite places to get your chocolate fix with me! I am always looking for some good chocolate.


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