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San Francisco Engagement Photoshoot

October 22, 2019

San Francisco on the Pier Engagement Photo


The past few days, as I was booking my next engagement sessions, I remembered how much I enjoy. So why not write another blog on them? First, if you haven’t had time to read my previous engagement blogs on what to wear to your engagement photoshoot and the best Utah Valley & Salt Lake Valley locations for sessions, check them out before I share one of my all-time favorite real couple engagement photoshoot in one of my all-time favorite cities—San Francisco. The culture of San Francisco and its beauty are what make me love it even more. 

The Proposal Story of Beassan and Al in NYC

I fell in love with their proposal story and wanted to share it with you. So, before we continue with San Francisco engagement photoshoot, let’s rewind back to 2018 in NYC, where their proposal story begins.

That one cold winter, Beassan and Al (then a lovely couple, now happily married) decided to go on a mini-vacation and explore NYC, which for Al would be the first time. Beassan, as she is very organized (love that about her), decided to be a tour guide for her man and put together an itinerary organizing each day by the neighborhoods they wanted to visit. As they were walking through Central Park, she noticed that Al was wearing his laptop bag all the time, even though she left hers at the hotel. That was when Beassan started asking herself questions, but little did she know it was all because he was hiding the stunning ring box. I don’t blame her, if I was in her place I would definitely ask a lot of questions. And for you Al, great job on keeping that a secret!

After a full day of roaming around NYC, they went back to their hotel room to get ready to grab some drinks and go out to dinner. The first surprise that Al planned happened while they were catching the Uber he detoured their drive to a different happy hour spot – on the opposite side of the city where their dinner plans were. Al assured that they should go and see this rooftop bar before more snow comes in the next day as a blizzard was supposedly going to hit the city. So off they went to the rooftop bar. 

Fast forward to the moment where they take the breathtaking 360-degree views of the city all lit up and head to the bar to order some drinks. Yet another surprise. Al asked Beassan to turn to him with her back facing the breathtaking view so he can take a photo. Wait, you probably thought—this is the moment he proposed? Well no. There was another surprise.  At the same time one of Al’s college friends and photographer, whom Beassan has never met, was sitting in the background while taking photos of them, to capture the special moment.

After finishing up with their drinks, ‘suddenly’ Al got the idea to go out and check the view of the open space balcony together, even though it was freezing cold. As they took in the stunning view, Al embraced Beassan and started reflecting on their beautiful journey as a couple. And here is the moment we’ve been all waiting for. He reached into his pocket and pulled out the ring while getting down on one knee. What a perfect moment for both of them, filled with a lot of emotions, laughter, and happy tears. The rest is history.

Beassan & Al’s San Francisco Engagement Photoshoot

From the cold winter in NYC, to warm weather in San Francisco. That is the love-proposal story of Beassan and Al. I would add a lot of details here, but I think the pictures tell the story. Take a look at their amazing engagement session that we shot all over the city of San Francisco. I think I left my heart there. ❤

Photography | Breanna White

Venues | Tony’s Pizza Napoletana; Pier 49; The Baker Beach

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