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10 Must-Have Wedding Details Shots (with Photo Inspiration)

October 15, 2019

Wedding Arch overlooking the fall moutains


One beautiful wedding story can’t be told without all the incredible details. As a wedding photographer, one of my favorite things to photograph other than bridals, as you can see by the theme of this blog post, is wedding details shots. The reason I enjoy photographing them is that every time I capture one, I have a chance to tell a wonderful part of the full wedding story. That’s the goal of every wedding photographer, right? Capturing all the significant things that reflect the wedding day in a way our clients would appreciate and relate to for so many years and hold them as family memories. After all, everything is in the details. You know how they say–always pay attention to the little details, because the little ones make big things happen.

There are a lot of important details you should include from the wedding dress even to the reception tablescape. And while I know which details to work with, occasionally my couples can’t decide what they really want to be captured for their wedding album. I would recommend letting your photographer know what special touches you added to your wedding to make sure they are documented.

‘Every wedding detail has its own story’

As I said, every slight detail has its own storytelling and the way I like to present it is by looking for things in the venue or the location the bride and groom are getting ready and find unique places or things when I arrange them. It is always different; not everyone has the same taste or preferences. 

To simplify the process for you, I chose to share my 10 must-have details shoots you need from your wedding day. This time instead of me rambling about your sparkling wedding shoes, elegant gown or perfectly looking perfume bottle, I am giving you an entire photo inspiration of some of my favorite wedding details shots. Sometimes one picture can say better than words. And if you love what you see, you are more than welcome to pin it on Pinterest. 

10 MUST-HAVE Details Shots from your Wedding

#1 Bride’s Details

★Wedding Dress, Wedding Shoes. Wedding Bouquet & Jewelry

#2 Groom’s Details

★ Cufflinks, Tie or Bow Tie, Cologne & Watch

#3 Wedding Party Details

#4 Wedding Rings

#5 Bride and Groom’s gifts to each other

#6 Family Heirlooms

#7 Stationary

#8 Ceremony Details

#9 Reception Decorations & Table Setup

#10 Wedding Cake

  1. Madelyn says:

    Ugh all of these images are so beautiful and original! Definitely a very helpful compilation of important things to make sure to get on the day of your wedding!!

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