A COVID-19 Love story: Kylie and Michael

Who would have thought that the 2020 pandemic will bring so much happiness to someone?  Well, as they say, love always finds a way. And the story of Kylie and Michael proves it all. 

The odds of discovering a forever love during a global epidemic seem daunting. It’s a little like finding a flower blooming from a tiny crack in a concrete jungle. But Kylie and Michael did just that in the spring of 2020 when they met during the outset of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Love Story

Everything started when Michael visited a dating website. Among the profiles was a beautiful young woman with a dazzling smile that seemed to jump from the screen. As he read that she was an adventurous outdoor-loving extravert, he got excited. Even though for Kylie, it took a second longer, they finally met and clicked immediately. Both were interested beyond dating, and their conversation became deep and meaningful and agreed exclusivity would be a way to discover each other without outside distractions. 

This led to their first perfect date. The pandemic dictated social distancing, which they did in the gorgeous mountains of Provo. They hiked, skipped rocks, and found a swing where they told each other stories from their lives. They roasted marshmallows using a lit candle atop Michael’s car, and if this sounds like a scene from a Hallmark movie, it just gets better. They danced under star-lit skies and fashioned boats from paper. Each wrote a wish on his/her boat before setting them in the stream to sail away. Michael wished for a kiss and Kylie wanted more dates with Michael. Happily ever after, both got their wish!

The Proposal

Michael proposed on June 29th, but true to his romantic and open personality, the proposal became an event. With a little help from Kylie’s roommate, Michael selected her dress for the evening and dressed up as well.  After a romantic dinner, he took back to the Utah mountains they love and proposed. The event was pure magic with strings of twinkling lights, lit candles, and flower petals fashioned into a heart. Friends and family hid among the trees to add to the surprise. “Almost everyone was crying happily, especially me,” Kylie adds.

The Bridal Session

Their beautiful story touched my heart, but wait till you hear about their bridal session. During their session at the Red Ledges Diamond Canyon Spanish Fork, Kylie and Michael decided to do the first look. Moments before it happened, I captured them reading the letters. It was all Michael’s idea! He went on Pinterest and found this cute idea to write letters to each other before the first look. That is right! The groom did that, he is such a romantic soul. And I am beyond grateful to both of them for letting me be a part of the sweetest 2020 moment ever. I wish you all the best!


Photography | Breanna White
Dress Store | Fantasy Bridal
Groom’s Outfit | Men’s Warehouse


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