6 Things to Consider Before You Book Your Wedding Photographer

Okay, first blog of 2020! Yes, it’s already February, and I took a little break, but that’s just because I wanted to deliver my best thoughts on WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHY. And I moved. Okay, the break was mostly because I moved. We can talk about this all night long and I can tell you my hundred and two reasons ‘Why I am a Wedding Photographer’, but you should probably just read my blog about this first.

I’ve said it before, but it’s worth repeating that I know how important of a  decision your wedding photographer is! So with that being said, I wanted to offer some advice on booking the right photographer (no matter if it’s me or not). I totally understand that we can’t all afford to have a luxury wedding of our dreams, but one picture can tell the whole story. As someone who has been in the wedding industry a good while now, I want to help you to make the right decision. So here are some things you should consider before making your ultimate choice.

6 Things to Consider Before You Book Your Wedding Photographer

#1 Style

Okay, this one is obvious, but sometimes people don’t take this into consideration enough! Every photographer has their OWN style. Do you prefer a modern, dramatic, or documentary style of wedding photography? Think about this before you look for a few options. Make sure you LOVE their pictures, and how they capture the important moments. This is literally the ONLY THING from the wedding day that LASTS. Or as I like to call them – the forever memories – that you need to look at for decades to come. So don’t settle, do your research!

#2 Make sure you like THEM

Choosing a wedding photographer is like choosing a friend. Your photographer will spend the whole day by your side and capture the moments for you. So why hire someone you don’t feel comfortable in front of? Especially when it’s supposed to be the happiest day of your life?

I always tell all my couples, and all my friends getting married, to choose someone that they love and don’t mind spending an entire day with. Believe it or not, you spend more time with your photographer on your wedding day than you do each other, so make sure it’s someone you get along with and vibe with because you (together with your family and your friends) will spend quite a bit of time with them.

I have couples that I shot their weddings years ago! And we’re still great friends… Remember – you want someone that helps you relax and feel comfortable in front of the camera. By being someone that my bride and groom feel comfortable with personally, it helps them relax and for me to get the best possible pictures of them.

#3 Make sure they have positive energy

Is there anyone who likes to spend time with people surrounded by negative energy? NO! One thing that is most important for me to do on a wedding day is to bring positive energy, a sense of calm when needed and a BIG smile on my face. Just like I mentioned above, you spend all day with your photographer. Do they have an energy that will get your friends and family (and you guys) excited about taking pictures? Keep your eye out for that.

#4 Price vs. Value

We (photographers) know that budget is something very important to consider. I really understand that there might be other priorities for you for your wedding day besides photography. And that’s totally okay! I don’t want you to have regrets!

While it’s great to stay on budget and save money, your wedding photos might not turn out exactly how you envisioned them, which leaves you being bummed about a bad decision.

There are all different kinds of photographers who are there for you the whole wedding planning process, not just the photography part. For me personally, I help every step of the way as you’re planning your wedding. Long vendor recommendation list, timeline help, wedding album design, wedding theme inspiration and what not! Name it and I am on my way to help.

Just because someone is expensive, doesn’t make them a great value either. Instead of the price, try to focus on the overall experience the photographer provides.

#5 Reliability

Make sure you know who the photographer is that will shoot your wedding! Okay, that seems obvious, but some large studios just send a random person – meaning whoever is available on your wedding day! And you don’t want that. You fell in love with someone else’s work.  Also, make sure they can provide some sort of back-up plan in case of emergency so you’re not in a bind without a photographer on your SPECIAL day.

If you’re considering a studio, that can be ok. Just make sure that you meet the photographer who will shoot your wedding, and that you love their work.

#6 The Delivered Product

Before signing the contract, READ IT! Ask questions if you don’t quite understand what’s in it! Make sure you know what you’re getting for the price you agreed in the first place. Are you getting digitals? Prints? An album? Do you have print rights if that’s important to you? Make sure they meet the criteria of what you want.

So, before you say YES to the photographer, think about the 6 things you just read. If all the things have your approval, then the photographer you found may just be the ONE for you! Happy planning! 🙂 

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