Wedding Photographer

To be honest, I kind of think the term wedding photographer is a little bland. It doesn’t do justice for what I consider to be the best job in the world. I document love. I’m about climbing mountains and wading in rivers to capture that perfect shot. Breaking all the rules my photography professors taught me, because rules are meant to be broken. I want those raw, genuine feels. Give me the ugly crying, the hysterical laughter, and the intimate adventures of life. Because that’s the stuff that makes our hearts skip a beat when we see it. Let’s capture those moments together, and save them forever.

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Who are You?

I mean, that’s the question you’re trying to answer, right? Creating beautiful imagery helps to craft that narrative. A wedding photographer is truly a storyteller; your story’s teller. So yeah, I make sure to capture all the details, and get lots of pictures of your family. But most of us aren’t looking to tell the story of our wedding, but rather, we’re hoping to tell the story of our love. Our declaration to the world of our passion and romance, in the hope that maybe they’ll understand why we feel the way we do. So if you and your love have a story to tell the world, I’d love to hear it, see it, shoot it, and share it.