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Salt Lake City Wedding Photography

Salt Lake City is one of the most versatile cities in the world for capturing stunning wedding photography. With several of the worlds top ski resorts less than an hour away, there are some of the most picturesque places in the country to capture gorgeous imagery. Salt Lake was originally settled by Mormon Pioneers, and some of the early architecture, such as the Salt Lake City Temple at Temple Square or the Utah State Capitol building are phenomenal locations to capture iconic imagery. In addition, Salt Lake features a great deal of incredible spots to shoot lifestyle imagery.

Utah State Capitol

The Utah State Capitol is a great spot if you want great architectural photos in the area. Originally completed in 1916, the building features fabulous staircases that are classic for getting dramatic looking shots that I love. One of the best things about shooting at the Capitol is that it is absolutely free!

Temple Square Wedding Photography

Temple Square is Salt Lake City’s most iconic landmark. It is the home to thousands of weddings each year, and a very common place for couples, especially those of the LDS Faith, to get wedding pictures done. I try to bring a unique look to the pictures I do at the temple, because I want my couples to truly treasure the imagery they get from me. Whether you’re LDS or not, there are some fantastic places to get pictures here, and a couple of nearby parks make it an ideal place to shoot photos.

Memory Grove Park

Memory Grove Park is a fantastic place to get engagements or bridals done. The Park features several monuments to Utah’s veterans who perished in the line of duty. It has impeccable grounds, a beautiful pond, and a great walking trail to get fantastic images. It’s near downtown Salt Lake, and is convenient to shoot in conjunction with the State Capitol building.

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