Pinterest Wedding Tips to be a Master Pinner

Pinterest Wedding Planning

While searching the endless pins on Pinterest brides get overwhelmed with the options that are available. If you type in “Wedding Decorations” you get every style and type of wedding decor possible, so it can be hard to sift through the pins. Planning a wedding is an exciting time but because of the endless options that brides have to choose from, it quickly turns into a very stressful situation for many.

Pinterest wedding searches can be every brides friend if they know how you use it properly! Here are a few tips to make sure that your searches yield the best results.

1. Use keywords!

Finding words that accurately describe the feel you’re looking to achieve for your wedding day will help you keep a cohesive feel throughout the big day. There are so many fantastic ideas on Pinterest, that if you don’t filter them down, you’re going to have a hodgepodge theme that won’t flow in the ideal way.

Pinterest Wedding Board

An example of a Pinterest search for Wedding Decorations.

As important as it is pick wedding colors, it’s important to pick out keywords that describe the style of your wedding. Find words that describe the style and personality that you want your wedding to be. Pick a few keywords to describe your style and personality.

      1. Classic, Elegant & Vintage
      2. Sophisticated & Modern
      3. Rustic & Homy
      4. Playful & Colorful

With that said, several of these terms are “buzz” terms that are used over and over again by brides and bloggers alike. They may or may not be entirely accurate in describing the look that you’re seeking.

Pinterest Wedding Rustic Barn Decor

An example of a Pinterest search for Rustic Wedding Barn Decor

Be Specific

It is important to be as specific as possible when it comes to searching Pinterest. Instead of searching “Wedding Decorations” or even Vintage Wedding Decorations, try “Vintage Wedding Table Centerpieces” or “Rustic Barn Ceiling Decor.” When you search like this, you’re going to get lots of ideas that hit the mark. More importantly, you’re going to avoid the kind of decorations that don’t fit with your venue or theme.


Stick to the Plan!

There will be cute things that you will see on Pinterest, but make sure that everything is cohesive. If you are doing a sleek modern wedding adding rustic elements are going to seem out of place. They may be really cute for someone else’s wedding but they won’t look nearly as good for yours. Sometimes you just have to let something go. When you find elements that fit together seamlessly, they are each enhanced individually. When elements are mismatched and they don’t jive with the overall theme of your wedding, the effect is muted, or even worse, negative.

Pinterest wedding planning is going to be a staple for every bride moving forward. But doing it right will help you to make sure that your wedding fits the ideal and the image that you want to put out there.


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