6 Tips on What you Should Wear to your Engagement Session

The engagement session can be such a stress point for so many brides. You want to look super cute because you are paying probably the most you have ever paid for pictures and that is how you are being introduced on your invitations to people that don't know you. But don't stress about that, because if you follow my recommendations you are going to look fabulous!

Dress It Up

This is your chance to "treat yourself" get yourself a nice new outfit that makes you feel fancier then maybe you would dress from day to day. As a generally you will want to stay away from distracting patterns, and bright colors. If you are wondering if the pattern is too distracting take the Breanna White Hanger Test. Put it on a hanger and take 5 big steps back. What are you focused on? If you are drawn into the pattern it is time to look elsewhere. Distracting patterns will draw the attention away from the love that you two share.

A recommendation I give to a lot of my clients is to look at a website called Rent the Runway for you gals and The Black Tux for guys. Rent the Runway if a great resource to find something a little more formal for a great price. They let you pick two different sizes to ensure that it fits and you can look at pictures of other people wearing it so you will have a really good idea of what you would look like in it.


You Don’t Need to Match Each Other


You want to avoid matching each other too much. Ladies, pick your outfit first. Based off what you are wearing have your mans clothing either be based off of one of the less prominent colors in your dress or just pick a color that compliments your outfit choice.

What you want to consider when it comes to your engagement outfit is your wedding color pallet. If you are planning on incorporating one of your engagement photos into your wedding invitation then I recommend picking colors that coordinate with your wedding colors so it doesn't look out of place.

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