4 Wedding Vendors to Spend Your Money On

Tips for getting the most out of your Wedding Vendors

Since I am a wedding photographer, I have been to my fair share of weddings. Almost every bride has a budget handed to them to stay under, but wants the best possible wedding that her money will buy. There are some key wedding vendors to spend your money on that will allow you to have that high end look even if you are on a tight budget.

1. Venue

Most brides start pinning on Pinterest decorations (ceiling, wall, centerpieces). With the weddings I have been to and from my own experience with planning my own wedding I have learned that spending a little extra money to get a nice venue that fits your style allows you to spend a lot less money on decorations. It takes quite a bit of money to cover up a bad venue to make it look good, but when you have a beautiful venue to start, minimal decorations are required. Also, a plus to booking a venue, they usually will do the majority of the set up and clean up, so it is far less stressful the day of the wedding.

Florists are among the most important wedding vendors!

Beautiful Wedding flowers can make your wedding look exceptional!

2. Floral

With a beautiful venue the next place to spend money is your flowers. Flowers can transform a wedding from a nice wedding to a stunning wedding. If you spend the money to get a good florist it really shows. A lot of brides will look at Pinterest and go to florists and tell them the exact centerpieces and bouquet that they want, but florists are so creative. Instead of going to the florist and telling them exactly what they should do, come with your colors, style you want, and a list of flowers and greenery that you like. If you allow florists some creativity they can really help you transform your wedding, and they add a beautiful fragrance to the air. Florists, in my opinion, are among the most important of wedding vendors because of their ability to make your wedding truly unique.

3. Photography/Videography

Castle Park provides a great wedding venue in Utah

Great photography combined with a fantastic venue can produce great results!

This may seem self-serving, but you should absolutely put effort into finding the best photographer and videographer your budget will allow. In fact, if I was going to say one out of these 4 wedding vendors was the most important, I would definitely say that it is the photographer. Having a good photographer can make you look good, even when the rest of your wedding maybe isn’t super extravagant. When all is said and done you will only have your pictures and wedding video to remember the day. People who were not able to make it to your wedding will only be able to see what the Photographer and the Videographer captured from the day. Find a photographer that fits in your style and budget. But when it comes to setting your budget for a photographer it is important to remember what is going to be hanging up in your house for years to come. You want to have the best looking portrait of you and your husband on the most special day of your life. I have talked to many brides and the one regret they all have about their wedding day is not spending more money on their photographer. Even I wish I had a bigger budget for photography, because when all is said and done the only thing you have left of your wedding day is the photos and video. For great video work here in Utah, you might want to take a look at David Perry Films. David did our wedding and not only was the finished product fantastic, but he was phenomenal to work with as well! He’s one of my favorite wedding vendors in Utah.


4. Dress

This beautiful wedding gown was actually silver!

It is hard to spend so much money on something that you are only going to wear for one day. I know brides that find a bargain with their dresses and that is fantastic if you can. Finding the perfect dress is almost as important as finding the man…ok, that’s a stretch, but that’s how it feels sometimes. There are a few things that you can do to find that perfect dress for a portion of the actual cost. You can rent a gown for a fraction of the cost of the actual price. Finding a dress that is cheaper and then getting it tailored to fit you like a glove will also give you a higher end look, and will allow you to feel more comfortable on your wedding day. The most important thing when it comes to the dress is that you feel beautiful. If you feel beautiful, it will show.

Ultimately, your budget is what it is. Maximizing it by spending your money on the wedding vendors that will make the most impact, and are also the most important to you as a couple, will help your wedding day be absolutely fantastic. I’m currently building out a list of my favorite wedding vendors here in Utah, so be on the lookout for that!

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